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Pastor's Note (9.21.23):

When our calendars are full, when we race from one thing to the next, when news cycles won’t slow down and there’s a frenetic energy in the air, it’s easy to get swept along.

How can we settle our hearts? What helps us stay rooted?

According to the author of John, Jesus shared two meals during the last week of his life, one as a guest at the home of his best friends Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, and the other as the host in the upper room with his disciples.

At both tables, Jesus knew that his time was short, but instead of getting swept along with the anticipation and fear of what was in store, Jesus allowed his friends to care for him and, in turn, showed care for his disciples. This reciprocal expression of vulnerability and love became the ground for both Jesus and the disciples to stand on, even in the swirl of everything that was to come in the days ahead.

Join us this Sunday as we listen again to these stories and wonder together: how can we settle our hearts and how can we stay rooted, even in the swirl of daily life?

See you in worship!



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