Music at Trinity

As we believe music is important to God, so it is to Trinity. Like prayer, music can be a means of conveying the desires and anguishes, joys and sorrows of our hearts to the Lord—or even to ourselves, when through singing a hymn or hearing a prelude we might have a moment of revelation or clarity.

Music is also one of the most beautiful unities in worship, bringing everyone into harmony as together we express and hear the voices of our fellow congregants and the voice of the Lord.

During in person worship at Trinity, after a prelude to focus the congregation into the service, everyone sings the hymns together. At several points, one of our dedicated ensembles—the chancel choir, the handbell ensemble, or the children’s choir—will present a piece highlighting a particular theme, emotion, or spiritual point. Then after the final blessing, a postlude will play everyone out and on to their day. Often, guest musicians will share their gifts with us, whether it’s one of the section leaders singing a solo, some choir members or other congregants singing folk music. On holidays like Easter we often reinforce our ensembles for special music, bringing in, for example, brass or string players. Just as the church is open to all, so does our music strive to be eclectic, and it’s not unheard of to move from Brahms to the Beatles. Come join us, to sing, to play, or to listen; in whatever way is right for you, we will help you find the spiritual fulfillment music can bring.

With the rollout of COVID vaccines, and Trinity beginning hybrid services, we are slowly ramping up our musical offerings. Since it is the summer, and with singing being potentially a more dangerous act of spreading the virus, our choir remains on break. But as long as the situation improves, it is hoped they will resume sometime in August. In the meanwhile, we have a few guest musicians lined up, our soloists will keep making appearances, and we will have people in person to share the music with!


Chancel Choir

The majority of music provided for services is by our chancel choir, which currently meets on Thursdays at 7:15 p.m. to rehearse. It is a standard SATB ensemble, featuring a leader for each section to provide support. Our musical offerings range from the latest arranged hymn to Renaissance motets, spirituals to chants, and pieces in English as well as other languages. It is open to anyone who is willing and has some ability to follow along in sheet music.


Handbell Ensemble

The handbell ensemble is an instrumental group, meeting on Thursdays at 6 p.m. to rehearse. Practically unique to church settings, handbells provide a beautiful, ringing counterpoint to singing. Each person usually has 2-4 bells they play. The group is open to people of all skill levels, although an ability to read sheet music is required.

Our handbells are made by Schulmerich and have a range of G3-G7. We also have a set of hand chimes, made by Malmark, and they have a range of C4-C7. A recent addition is a handbell tree, made by Jeffers, which allows for more varied solo options.


Children’s Choir

Relatively new to Trinity, the children’s choir meets and sings several times a year for certain holidays. Open to any child below 18, we work on age-appropriate music which allows the kids to have fun and express themselves in the worship. Keep an eye out for announcements of when the children’s choir will next sing in worship.


Guest Artists

Interested in sharing your musical talents with us? One of the missions for the music here is to open our space to those who may not have an easy time performing elsewhere. In particular, student musicians and dancers from high school through college level are welcome to share their music with us, and will be treated and paid like professional performers. A church, especially Trinity, is an excellent, welcoming place to gain experience performing for other people. Get in contact with us to discuss how we might welcome you to share your talents during one of our services.

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