Reflections on the Music at Trinity

Director of Music, Christian Hendricks

Thoughts on the music featured in our services are pulled from the Sunday bulletins.


Amongst the many reasons we do things, firmly stands love. God promises "a new thing" for His people whom He loves. Jesus resurrected Lazarus, whom he loved. Mary anoints with perfume the feet of Jesus, whom she loves. Though seemingly small compared to the other acts, Mary's gift could be seen in the same way as the poor woman's tithe in Jesus' parable, who, in giving what little she has, gives all she can. God can bring new creation, Jesus can bring new life--what, in emulation of Mary, can we bring? Some of the music this morning contemplates this question. The handbells peal forth the wonder of God's great love; the anthem praises what the heart can bring; and in the postlude we hear Liszt's famous dream of love.


Nostalgia is the temptation of the past. Long have we sought to return to some edenic situation, whether an actual Garden of Eden, a supposed time when the country was great, or something more personal, more immediate. But we can never go back. Nor, when we remember correctly, should we want to. The music today focuses less on Eden and more on a garden whose center is Christ, a man who was tempted but unlike Adam and Eve resisted, forgoing the easy delights of this world for the difficult pleasures of His father’s realm. In this garden will we find true rest, and as in Psalm 32, we will then sing a new song.


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