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Sponsoring Fellowship

Fellowship following worship has been a wonderful gathering time for Trinity members and guests to catch up and enjoy connecting with each other. Since last fall, the food and set up has been provided by the Deacons. Now, we would like to open up the opportunity to sponsor fellowship by inviting Trinity members to provide food and set up for one Sunday this year. Jim Person has provided detailed directions located in the Trinity kitchen and also at the link below, but if you would like more information, a Deacon can help answer your questions. In a nut shell, the requirements are sign up online, purchase food/snacks, make coffee and set up the table either in the chapel, or outside the chapel if there is an Adult Ed class after church, then a quick clean up after fellowship time. If you have trouble signing up, please feel free to contact Stacey Carman (carmans@swbell.net) or Christy Schindler (christine.a.schindler@gmail.<wbr />com) with the date you would like, and they will get you signed up. With only 44 Sundays left in the year, you will want to sign up quick before the date you want is filled!
Click here to sign up.
Food ideas: Fruit, Vegs, Cheese/crackers (some or all gluten free), small muffins, pastries, cookes, really any small finger foods you like.

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