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World Communion Sunday

October 2, 2022

What kind of bread is on your table? 

From injera, to pita, baguettes, Challah, tortillas and naan – bread is a staple in every culture. Each year, on world communion Sunday, we gather at God’s table to remember, that every church which claims Jesus Christ as Lord, is made one as the body of Christ. So whether the church is next door, celebrating communion with wafers, or around the world, sharing naan at the table, together, we are one in Christ. 

To celebrate, we are going to have a special coffee hour, full of breads from around the world and we would love to have you contribute! 

Whether you are an avid bread baker and have a family recipe you want to share, or you are an expert buyer of bread and want to bring something special to worship – we hope you will! Simply bring bread with you on Sunday, Oct. 2, and we will add it to our fellowship time after worship. To assist those with allergies, please include a list of ingredients. 

We hope you will join us for World Communion on Sunday, Oct. 2 at 10a.m.! 

Celebrating diversity, working for justice, living with joy!

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