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Bass Section Leader Job Post

–    Trinity Presbyterian Church in University City, MO, a member of the PC(USA) and the Giddings-Lovejoy Presbytery, is a welcoming church with a tradition of celebrating diversity. Our leaders are called by God and chosen without respect to gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, previous religious tradition, worldly circumstance, voting record, or any of that other stuff that might get someone in trouble somewhere else. We serve a diverse community, welcoming folks from St. Louis City, St. Louis County, and beyond, and are situated just blocks from the main campus of Washington University.

Bass Section Leader Position
–    Trinity, under the leadership of Director of Music and Pianist/Organist Christian Hendricks, has a chancel choir that sings almost every week from the end of August to Pentecost right around the start of June. There is one regular service at 10 am on Sunday mornings, and rehearsals are on Thursdays at 7:15 pm. At the moment, the only expected service beyond Sundays at which the choir performs is Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols. The choir is mostly volunteer, but we do currently employ sections leaders for the soprano, alto, and tenor sections.

–    The bass section leader is expected to:
•    Be present at every scheduled rehearsal and service, unless otherwise noted. The director of music understands section leaders will likely have singing opportunities beyond Trinity, and is willing to make accommodations.
•    Lead the bass section both with strength of voice and offering assistance to fellow members of section, and to bring to the director of music’s attention any issues.
•    Be generally available to sing solo/non-choir music as the situation arises. This includes: solos within choir pieces; stand-alone pieces during a service at which the choir is otherwise present; whole services outside the regularly programmed services, such as for memorials or non-choir Sundays. Again, the director of music can make accommodations as needed based on availability or music selections; these duties are shared amongst all the section leaders.

–    The bass section leader shall be compensated thusly:
•    $41 per call. A call will be defined more exactly within the yearly contract, but for the most part is the weekly rehearsal and weekly service. Therefore, if you attend both calls in a usual week, you would be paid $82.
•    $150 for any service beyond the regular schedule. This includes memorials, weddings, summer services, etc.
•    Salary shall be disbursed bi-monthly, usually on the 15th and last day of each month, adjusted as needed for weekends and holidays.
•    Section leaders are contracted, 1099-MISC employees.

–    The bass section leader shall have these qualifications:
•    Required:
–    Demonstrable ability. Part of the interview process will involve an audition at which candidates should show off their abilities.
–    Can read music.
–    Some keyboard skills, enough to plunk out the bass line during sectionals if they should occur.
•    Preferred:
–    We love for Trinity to serve as a beginning opportunity for singers just starting out. That said, some experience singing in choirs and in leadership roles would be great to have.
–    Range of genres and styles. While the typical music offerings are classical and traditional church, Trinity loves a diversity of styles and genres. We all have our strengths, but an openness to explore is appreciated.
–    Education: at minimum, regular voice lessons, but preference is given to those with at least a bachelor’s degree in music. Some knowledge of diction in English and other languages. Again, though, demonstrable ability is the main requirement.
–    Application Materials and Interview/Audition Process:
•    Resumé containing experience, education, and 2 references
•    2-3 songs you wish to audition with, so the director of music has time to look them over to accompany.
•    After prepared songs, some sight-reading on hymns and a choral passage.

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