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Letter to the Congregation in Regard of the Covid Surge

January 13, 2022

Dear Members and Friends of Trinity Presbyterian Church,

Out of our love and concern for all of our health and well-being during this raging COVID-19 pandemic Omicron surge in which our current positivity rate is 30% (the previous St. Louis area high was 17%), effective this Sunday, January 16 through February 6, 2022, the Session has voted to suspend in person worship and offer our services online only.  

We will not offer Sunday children’s worship, and the January confirmation class is canceled.  

We are hoping and praying the current COVID Omicron surge will peak this month and we will be able to resume in person worship in February.  The Session will revisit this decision during our February 2, 2022 meeting, and if we think it is safe to do so, we MIGHT be able to resume in person worship February 6, but we might also decide we need to extend this suspension.

Thank you for your understanding and for continuing to hold one another in love and prayer during these challenging times.

May the Peace of Jesus Christ Be With You All,

Pastor Marilyn and the Session

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