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Mission and Ministry Committee Opportunities

Your Mission and Ministry Committee (MMC) is keen to work with other churches to help those in need. One example popped up unexpectedly on November 17 when our friend Roy Lenox, a counterpart at Faith des Peres Presbyterian Church, contacted us. He had more than 100 buddy packs (buddy packs consist of shelf stable food items: each one includes three meals – such as canned stew – and five snacks) looking for a home. They are usually delivered to UCity schoolchildren but this week they were not needed. Would we like them?

The MMC contacted another friend, Rev. Clyde Crumpton, pastor at Cote Brilliante Presbyterian, who was only too happy to receive them for his 60-odd families in need.

All it took was a Trinity car to pick them up at FDP and drive them to CB and fill their empty shelves.
Good math: 1+1+1=4

If you ever hear of opportunities like this or would like to help with similar projects please contact Nigel Holloway at

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