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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

“Why doesn’t she leave?” “Why does he abuse?” Pastor Marilyn’s October 4 Minute for  Mission posed these questions. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Resources for education and advocacy are available through The Presbyterians Against  Domenstic Violence Network (PADV) of our denomination (PCUSA).

Although God’s intention for all of us is abundant life, we know that domestic violence  has no boundaries. It cuts across all lines of religion, income, race, culture, education,  and age.

Awareness of resources in our community is one way to begin to make a difference in  the lives of those living with abuse. A few agencies will be highlighted in this space  throughout October, and hotline numbers will be published regularly.

314-646-7500 X101

This program offers 24-hour helpline for domestic and sexual abuse, (not intended for  child abuse cases), and counseling and support groups for victims of domestic abuse,  dating violence, sexual assault or rape. All these services are for ages 12 and up.  Prevention education workshops and discussion groups for middle and high school  students are also available.

For a comprehensive list of resources go to

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