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Reign of Christ Sunday: We’re Dancing at the Foot of the Cross

Luke 23:33-43

Guest Pastor Hannah Nutt admits that the scripture this week feels odd to read on a celebratory Sunday before Advent begins. But Hannah uses an example, a clip from the film “Son of Man” which retells the Crucifixion story in modern-day South Africa. In the clip, a character portraying Jesus is hung on a cross after being taken and killed by an armed militia in the night. Jesus's mother leads a small group to sing and dance at the foot of the cross. (The clip of the film has been removed from the sermon for copyright reasons).

Hannah goes to to explain that the Reign of Christ is, in fact, a modern reign. Christ is with us past, present, and future. Modern laws that divide us are not Christlike. We are called, Hannah says, to place our bodies on the line to defend humanity in the face of oppressive laws and regimes. But also, we are called to celebrate the reign of Christ by dancing at the foot of His cross.

Celebrating diversity, working for justice, living with joy!

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