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7th Sunday after Pentecost

Reverend Wagner this Sunday explored the relationship between Judah and Joseph, as one having to do with loss. Judah experiences loss after allowing and even aiding the Midianites to take Joseph. Reverend Wagner talks about how, when people describe things like love and acceptance, they often do so by explaining the times they felt unloved and rejected. In order to understand one, we often must truly experience the other.

The Book of Genesis often explains “why” something is the way it is, and the pastor left the congregation with some questions to ponder.

Why are we the people we are now? What has happened or not happened to us to shape us?

What connections might we be able to draw from our greatest losses to our greatest achievements?

Are there experiences of loss in our lives that have gone un-examined? Can we examine them?

Celebrating diversity, working for justice, living with joy!

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