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Trinity Sunday: God Wants Us to Keep Moving

The Reverend Dr. Johanna Wagner explores the calls we receive from God to take risks. “Leaving home” is a common theme in scripture, and not just in the book of Exodus! Many stories in the Old Testament deal with leaving home. In the New Testament, Jesus represents someone who leaves home, to come to us and instill faith in us.

It used to be that many people experienced Church in their homes. The reverend believes this is partly why modern Christians do not notice the strong calls to leave home throughout the Bible. But in these modern times, the need to take risks and leave our comfort zone is perhaps even more visible. More and more of the world news we are seeing is out of our control, and so we must be even more ready to explore, ask questions, and be on the move. For the sake of the present, and of the future.

What is God asking us to leave behind? What is the new land God is trying to show us?

What is preventing us from doing this?

Celebrating diversity, working for justice, living with joy!

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