Session Meeting Highlights

Meet the Members of Session

Class of 2022

Diana Gray, Kevin Harkins, Diane Hemphill, Jayne Howard, Jane Kaiser, Mary Klingensmith, Sarah New Mayer (Clerk), Mary McKown, Bob Parks, Jan Schulte-Glad



Property Committee

  • The flooding that affected large parts of the church basement due to flash floods in the St Louis area has been cleaned up. The source of the leak could not be clearly identified,  and efforts continue to establish this..
  • The bathrooms below the narthex have been closed off due to the presence of both lead paint and asbestos.
  • A structural engineer will be coming out to the church the August 18th to assess the issues with the front steps and the bell tower. They will also provide an overall assessment of the building and provide information regarding what is required to maintain it. 

Pastor’s Report

  • The organ repair should be complete by Rally Day (August 28, 2022). A series of setbacks have delayed the planned completion date. The next big milestone is for IOTI to witness the booting up of the system.

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